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We offer various advanced Polyurethane Sytems such as; slipper/shoe (sole slippers, sole, insole, occupational safety), rigid (refrigerator, chilling room panel, sandwich panel, spray, pipe insulation, decoration), integral (office furniture armrests, various auto pieces, cables), flexible, coating, coagulation polyurethanes, artificial leather polyurethanes, adhesives and solvent based polyurethanes that made in Turkey.

Rigid Systems
Used in refrigerators, sandwich panels, Roofs and front panels of factories, cold room panels, spray & water based decoration products, packaging, pipe insulation, Refrigerators, Cold storages, Production of automobile wheels, armrests, holders, and furniture armlets, automobile filters, cooler fan filters, air conditioner filters, irror frame, window frames and accessories, Seat, bumper, mat, Sound insulation of cinemas, theaters.

Rigid Systems polyurethane systems produced for insulation purposes. Rigid foams in different properties are present depending on the places of use. There are filling and packaging purpose foams with 10 kg/m3 density value in addition to rigid systems with 800 kg/m3 density used in furniture sector. Rigid systems consist of the reaction between the polyol systems containing blister agent and polymeric isocyanate (PMDI). 90-95% of the foam cells created has closed cells. They have the best thermal conductivity coefficient values available in the sector.

Slipper/Shoe Sole Systems
Used in shoe sector as sole material for outer, interior or middle soles, Sneakers’ Soles, Slippers-Sandals. Range from low density slipper systems to high density-high flexible shoe sole systems.

Polyurethane is of superior quality in comparison to products such as rubber, eva, pvc in terms of its abrasion resistance, flexibility, low density, and easy applicability. Slipper sole systems are served as three components, namely prepolymer (isocyanate), polyol, and catalyzer.

Polyurethane sole systems can be divided into two categories

a-Polyether systems, have perfect surfaces and a considerably high hydrolysis resistance.

b-Polyester systems, have a high abrasion resistance and are used in the production of low mould intensity sole.

Today, as a third type, hybrid systems, namely polyester-polyether mixture systems are also being used.
Polyurethane formulations used in sole production require the reaction of isocyanate and polyol. Their rigidity is explained by the precipitation of the rigid segments in polymer matrix, and their density is explained by the CO2 liberated as a result of the reaction between isocyanate, water, and inflating agent.

Artificial Leather Systems
Used in artificial leather sector, and designed for Coating, Coagulation, printing and lamination  applications for artificial leather sector. The production of polycarbonate, polyether, and polyester based polyurethane with various rigidity and flexibility values, high UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and oxidation resistance, in alifatic and aromatic structure.

Flexible Systems
Used in office furniture, automobile seats, block sponges & foam production. This polyurethane systems applied by casting method appropriate for operation in low and high pressure machines that can be formulated according to the customer operation system at 15 kg/m3 – 60 kg/m3 densities.

Integral Systems
Suitable for automotive, office furniture, and medical sectors. Range from different densities and different rigidness with 100 kg/m3-300 kg/m3 density and in various rigidity. This PU systems can be formulated according to the customer operation system, can be colored in line with demand, and appropriate for low and high pressure machines.

Filter Systems
Used in production of air filter of vehicles in automotive sector, and in production of radial filters for heavy vehicles. It is appropriate for panel and radial filters, in 300 kg/m3 -1000 kg/m3 density, can be formulated according to customer operation system.

Some of Our Product:
RIGID FOAM 50 polyol is designed for the production of polyurethane rigid foams for manufacture of wood imitation. The polyol blend containing polyols, catalyst, surfactant. Resulting foams are combustion modified to be classified as B2 according to DIN 4102 norm.

RIGID FOAM 36 Polyol in combination to PMDI 6136 isocyanate has been designed for a spray rigid polyurethane production for thermal insulation in construction application, with an applied density of 34-38 kg/m3. The polyol formulation containing polyols, catalyst, surfactant and HCFC 141b blowing agent. Resulting foams are combustion modified to be classified as B2 according to DIN 4102 norm.

RIGID FOAM 25  polyol is designed for the production of polyurethane rigid foam for commercial freezer room panel, display type freezer, and trailer. The polyol blend containing polyols, catalyst, surfactant and HCFC 141b blowing agent. It is especially tailored for discontinuous production technique, one shot injection, using a high pressure and low pressure dosing machine.

PACKAGING: In 250 kg barrels, and in 1 ton IBC tanks


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