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We offer Full and Semi Synthetic Metal Working Fluids which is also called as Cutting Fluid and Bor Oil. Its composition is mixture of special synthetic lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, antiwear, antioxidant, EP additives, and surfactants additives which improve tool/wheel performance during cutting and grinding operations.

•    Appearance                      : Yellow, clear liquid
•    PH Value (5%)                   :  9,5 +/- 0,5
•    Refractometer constant       : 1, 30

It is a biostatic semi-synthetic hybrid fluid with a low mineral oil content. Developed for a multi-purpose action in machining and grinding. Its lubricating performances are excellent, thanks to a careful selection of the oil base. It is well suited to traditional machining and grinding operations on cast-irons steels and aluminium alloys.

•    It is an excellent semi synthetic metal working fluid developed for all kind of machining operations (for example cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, boring, turning etc.)
•    It provides very good hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication, so reduces the coefficient of friction and improves the tool life and tooling cost.
•    Has very good corrosion resistance.
•    Has high bacteria resistant technology and reduce odour during the process. Has high biostatic protection against microbiological contamination
•    Does not cause foam problem.
•    Is chlorine, phenol, nitrite free.
•    Can be used with across a wide range of water hardness.
•    Helps to evecuate iron chips from the work pieces, chucks and clumping fixtures due to its high wetting, cleaning properties.
•    Has very long sump life.
•    Provides rapid chip and swarf settling to maintain a clean system.
•    Tramp oil separate from solution easily.

The product should be used at a minimum of 4-5% in emulsion with water. It can be used with bactericide) and fungicide for periodical addition. It is recommended to use some of our other chemicals to disinfectate the system in every six months.
» Concentration range : 5 - 10%
» Water hardness: 180-800ppm ( 18-80 TH; 10-45 dH )
» Suitable for tube forming   

•    Free from chlorine.
•    Good anti-corrosion properties.
•    Excellent decantation of particles during tube forming operations.
•    Good filterabilitv.
•    Biostatic product
•    Good trampoil release
•    Low top-up rate


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