We offer high quality dust-free Hydrosulfite that made in Germany.

Sodium Hydrosulfite are white, microcrystalline powders with a sodium dithionite (Na2S2O4) content of at least 58% w/w. They serve mainly as a bleaching or reducing agent for applications in textile, paper or mineral industry.

Hydrosulfite grades and hydrosulfite-based products are white, crystalline powder containing more than 88 % Sodium dithionite.

Sodium dithionite, Na2S2O4 , is the only industrially important salt of dithionous acid (H2S2O4), which has not been isolated. The importance of sodium dithionite lies in its powerfull reducing capacity, which allows, for example, vat dyes to be reduced at room temperature. It is also used as a bleaching agent, mainly in the textile and paper industries but also in the leather, food and kaolin clay industries.

Hydrosulfite serves as a reducing agent during the dyeing process. Hence, hydrosulfite of inferior quality could cause preventable damages. With the high quality hydrosulfite, our customers minimize the danger of damaged material, thus creating a basis for their success, while at the same time being in line with the strict Öko-Tex’ standards.

Hydrosulfite was a dusty product. But our Hydrosulfite product is a dust-free powder that is easy to work with and leaves no mess.

Application Areas:
1. Widely used in textile industry for vat dyeing, reduction cleaning, printing and stripping, textile textile bleaching .
2. It is also used in bleaching paper pulps , especially mechanical pulps, it’s the most fittable bleaching agent in pulps.
3. It is used in bleaching kaolin clay, fur bleaching and reductive whitening, bleaching of bamboo products and straw products,
4. It is used in mineral, the compound of thiourea and other sulphides.
5. It is used as reducing agent in chemical industry.
6. Sodium hydrosulfite food additive grade is used in foodstuffs, as bleaching agent and preservative dried fruits, dried vegetable, vermicelli, glucose, sugar, rock sugar, caramel, candy, liquid glucose, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms.

Packaging: 110 kg metal drums with double inner polybags.


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