We offer Calcium Carbonate as a best quality on whiteness, chemical metarials, and toughness, which is micronized from the best ores in Turkey. Our Calcium Carbonate has whiteness of 98% , purity of 99.5 % CaCo3 and processes through it’s modern grinding technology.

It is manufactured from a high purity and white limestone, and from the whitest ores of the World, with high Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) rate, very low silica (SiO2) and iron oxide (Fe2O3) impurity values and a high whiteness after grinding. High level of whiteness is widely preferred in the industry since it reduces costs via saving from titanium dioxide in paper and plastics and optical whitener in paper production.  

As compare the Europe calcite ores with Turkey's; Turkey's calcite ores are whitest than the Europe’s. In addition, our region’s calcite ores are the best quality ores in Turkey. In our production plant; breaking process is done with jaw and crushers and ball mills are used in grinding, separation process is done with the latest technology German Alpine separators, dust holding process is done with high pressure ventilators and filters.  

Calcite, or Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is a glittering, transparent, fragile marble stone with large crystallized structure, which has a toughness value of MOHS 3 and a density of 2.6 – 2.8. It is served to the use of various industries as a filling material after the processes of breaking, grinding, separating and coating (optional), which result in naturally grinded micronised product.

Application Areas of our Calcite products:
•    Paper Industry
•    Paint Industry
•    Plastic Industry (PVC Pipes, Profiles, Panels, Cables etc.)
•    Construction Industry (Plaster, Paste)
•    Adhesives
•    Food Industry (Chewing gum)
•    Ceramic Industry
•    Carpets and oilcloths

•    Tooth Pastes

•    Naturel Grinded CaCO3: Natural, ultra fine calcium carbonate powder,
•    Coated CaCO3: Natural, surface - coated ultra fine calcium carbonate powder

Coated Calcite:
Our coated Calcium Carbonate products have proved themselves in the plastic industry with high coating rate by unique stearic acit coating technology.

Micronised and coated calcite must contain of high purity and must not contain of heavy metals which are spoiling polymers. It must be supply; easy dispersion, lack of absorption of the chemicals which are used at formulation, economical benefits by decreasing of other expensive white pigments, hydrophobic structure, lack of abrasion at machines, easy homogeneous dispersion. In addition to this, increasing of; hardness, stability, surfacequality of the final product and resisting against stroke. However it has not contain of any smell, taste and toxic matters.
One of the main ways of the decreasing of the expenses is using coated calcite at process. Calcite as an inorganic matters like polymers must be coated. Thus it has not surface strain difference.
Those benefits are depend upon the high coating quality of the calcite. As our products have been coated with stearic acid, getting maximum coating technology unite, has taken a prodigious step in to plastic sector as well.

Coated Calcite Provides Plastic to have:
•    Hydrophobic Structure
•    Low Surface Energy
•    Easy Dispersion
•    High Homogenization
•    Increase in Resistance
•    Chemical Durability
•    Adaptation to Organic Environments
•    Brighter and Smoother Surface
•    Less Mould Abrasion
•    Increase in Machine Productivity

Packaging: 25 kg kraft bags, or 1000 kg big bags.


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