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We supply high quality Hydrogen Peroxide that made in Turkey at 35 %, 50 %, and 60 % concentrations.  Hydrogen peroxide is generally recognized as a strong oxidizing agent, and powerful, environmentally friendly oxidant used in bleaching, sterilisation and industrial chemistry. As a ‘vanishing oxidant’ which leaves no residue, this non-toxic and easily applied liquid finds wide application.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is an environmental friendly chemical. Decomposing to yield only oxygen and water after use without giving any damage to the environment, hydrogen peroxide is one of the cleanest, most versatile chemicals available. Thanks to its high oxygen content, it ensures a better performance when compared with other oxidizing agents.

Hydrogen Peroxide is mostly used as bleaching agent in textile, pulp  and paper industries, disinfectant and protective agent in health and food sectors, waste water treatment, exhaust air treatment and for various disinfection applications. Additionally, it is widely used as oxidizing agent in the chemicals industry.

Application Areas
•    Textile : As a bleaching agent.
•    Pulp and Paper : As a bleaching agent.
•    Chemistry : In oxidation and hydroxilation reaction; also in the production of organic/ inorganic peroxy compound like perasetic acid, sodium perborate and calcium peroxide.
•    Waste water treatment: As a detoxifying agent and provides dissolved oxygen.
•    Food Prossesing : Sterilization of packiging of milk, fruit, juices etc.
•    Pharmaceutical : Topical antiseptic and contact lens cleaner.
•    Cosmetic : Hear bleaching and dye setting through oxidation.
•    Mining : Removing poisonous effects of different mines.
•    Metallurgy : Forming of metallic surface.
•    Pool Chemical : Water cleaning and recovery.


Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent of choice for natural cellulose and animal fibres. With our peroxide’s bleaching ability, cotton, wool and silk all benefit from the high whiteness and low fibre damage, and coupled with a minimum of effluent problems.

This industry is the largest worldwide user of hydrogen peroxide. In chemical pulp bleaching, peroxide has found a strong position in alkaline stages. Hydrogen peroxide and distilled peracetic acid (dPAA) are excellent alternatives for delignification and bleaching in the bleaching plant. for example, when generation of chlorine dioxide causes a bottleneck in your process or because of environmental reasons. Hydrogen peroxide and dPAA can be used in the production of TCF and ECF pulps.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as a bleaching agent for different mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulps. By using hydrogen peroxide it is possible to reach a wide range of brightness, even to meet the demand for high grade magazine papers, board and tissue products. Our Peroxide is particularly efficient for bleaching mechanical, recycled and non-wood fibres, as well as supporting other reagents in kraft bleaching.

Current uses include aseptic packaging, food bleaching and preservation, microbial control, hair products and pharmaceuticals.

Hydrogen peroxide is useful for swimming pool shock treatment, deodorising and emergency river and lagoon restoration after effluent spills. Many water applications benefit from advanced oxidation technologies which combine hydrogen peroxide with ultraviolet radiation, ozone or metal catalysts. These form powerful hydroxyl radicals which effectively destroy taste and odour molecules in drinking water, coloured dyes in textile effluents and a wide variety of organic pollutants.

PACKAGING: Delivered in 35 kg, 65 kg plastic drums, IBC tanks


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