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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant
We offer environment friendly disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide in our unique stabilising and activating gel technology. This is the only one hydrogen peroxide disinfectant in the world that is stabilized with food safe ingredients. No metal, No silver in it, and no residues are left after disinfection.

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective against a huge range of micro-organisms. It is an excellent virucide and breaks down into water and oxygen. However, it has a major downside and that is it’s uncontrolled reaction once it comes into contact with micro-organisms and organics - this means that it is inefficient, there is much waste, and runs out quickly.

Our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” is based on the idea of adding a stabilizing and activating gel to the hydrogen peroxide to ensure a controlled reaction. With this way, very little peroxide is wasted and a much better disinfection is achieved for a long time.

No residues, and the most effective product for water disinfection and biofilm control. It breaks down to water and oxygen, leaves no residues, taste or smell. A broad disinfecting capability as well as the ability to eliminate micro-organisms without the risk of the micro-organisms becoming resistant. It is highly effective against biofilm. Disinfection of (proces) water, surfaces, machinery etc. in food and other industries, water systems and prevention.

Our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant”s are liquids meant for effective protection of the food and water safety by removing the unwanted micro organisms and/or biofilms, which can cause potential danger for the safety and quality of your food products or water system. The formula of our disinfectant ensures you of a moderated and long lasting release of the hydrogen peroxide, without residues on your food products or in your water system.

Application Areas:
Our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” range can be used in a wide variety of situations. We have made different products for different applications in different sectors.

Besides Water Treatment & legionella control there are numerous other applications:
•    Agriculture / Horticulture: Irrigation systems, Soil disinfection, Washing plants, Hydroponic Production, Plantations, Preservation, Seed disinfection,  pre- and postharvest disinfection, etc.
•    Air Conditioning: Disinfection of humidifiers, air washing devices, ventilation shafts, Biofilm removal and control, etc.
•    Aquaculture: Disinfection in Fish farms, Shrimp farms, Mussel and Oyster farms, fish & shellfish etc.
•    Beverage industry: All equipments in production of Mineral water, Soft drinks, Fruit juices, Cider, Wine, etc.
•    Brewery: All equipments in production of beers
•    Catering industry: Disinfection of surfaces (kitchen, wet cells, rooms), instruments, laundry, water and Air conditioning systems, etc.
•    Cooling towers: Cooling Towers, cooling water circulation, etc.
•    Dairy industry: Milk processing industry, Water treatment, dairies, cheese-making, yoghurt producers, Ice-cream, etc.
•    Drinking water: Drinking water pipelines, Cisterns, reservoirs, Pipeline network (new and existing), Legionella prevention and control, Biofilm removal and control
•    Fish processing industry: In all parts of processing of fish, shrimps, mussels, oysters, etc.
•    Livestock: Disinfection in breeding sheds such as poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, etc.
•    Meat processing industry: Abattoirs, butcher's shops, in all parts of meat processing industry, etc.
•    Swimming pools & whirlpools: Private and public swimming pools, hotel pools, thermal pools, spa baths, whirlpools, Jacuzzi, saunas, fitness centres, solariums, etc.

In the Fruits and Vegetables industry, Our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” products protect the quality of the processing water. Citric and fruit farmers wash their fruits with this disinfectant. Hatching eggs are being disinfected with our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” products. Poultry processors use this disinfectant to ensure the food safety in their factories as well. We can also clean your water system or disinfect your industrial machinery with our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” sub products very effectively.

Our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” can be applied and dosed into your system manually, automatically or nebulized. Our disinfectants can be used in almost every situation. It is very important that your situation is assessed very carefully in order to be as effective as possible.

As a disinfectant our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide” ensures rapid disinfection of surfaces & water without the risk of short term re-infection or of resistance from micro-organisms. It can be used as an all round disinfectant or as a speciality disinfectant.

•    The standard of our “stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant” is based on 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. (we can produce any dilution between 0,5 and 35% upon requested)
•    Is entirely comprised of food safe ingredients.
•    Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, highly effective against bacteria, (gram positive and gram negative). It is also a virucide and effective against fungi, yeast and moulds
•    At user dosage it is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-volatile.
•    It has no smell, taste or color
•    Has extended action (residual effect).
•    Highly effective against biofilm.
•    Is effective even in the presence of organic matter.
•    Micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance against our disinfectant
•    Unaffected by pH levels and temperatures up to 90oC.
•    Retains its stability when exposed to light.
•    Does not taint food when used at manufacturers recommended concentrations.

Packaging: 1 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg, 25 kg, 250 kg drums