• adhesive spray
  • textile screen printing
We offer high quality Adhesive Sprays for screen printing applications that made in Turkey.

Our adhesive sprays are used at screen printing jobs as pallet and table type adhesive. It is ideal for screen printing jobs in textile sector with is high adhesion power. Our adhesive spray creates homogeneous and smooth film. Ready to use within 1-1,5 minutes after spraying.

Our adhesive sprays come in aerosol spray tacks.  These are probably the most common of all pallet adhesives. Because aerosol spray cans are very easy to use and store. The product will last forever inside the can and may be used efficiently in low quantity printing situations as well as high quantity printing. Aerosol spray tacks are also very versatile in that they come in a few different formulas which are specifically designed for certain printing applications.

•    Has strong and long adhesion time.
•    Performs between+10 and+75°C.
•    Not transferred to the fabric and does not stain or wrinkle.
•    Human - friendly because of containing no carcinogenic substances.
•    Eco - friedly because of containing no ozone depleting chemicals.
•    Free of PVC & PHTHALATE

Packaging: 500 ml and 600 ml aerosol sprays.


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