• Glucose Fructose Syrup packaging
  • Glucose Fructose Syrup
We offer high quality Glucose Syrups that made in Turkey. Our glucose syrup contains a proper quantity of dextrose and maltose. It prevents sugar crystallization, improves shelf life, and reduces extreme sweetness.

Starch milk of high purity, which is separated from germ, protein and fiber by steeping and some special physical techniques, is converted into glucose and fructose syrups in the refinery.

Glucose syrups is a purified and concentrated aqueous solution of natural sugars derived from starch by acid hydrolysis. Glucose syrup is also called "corn syrup".

Starch-based glucose syrups are produced through advanced technology, which influence many characteristics of food products, give the producer the sensory quality he desires and make possible longer shelf life.

DE        :    38.0 - 42.0 / 40.0 - 44.0 / 48.0 - 53.0 / 58.0 - 63.0 / Min. 94.0
Briks (20 'C)    :    81.7 - 83.2 / 82.8 - 83.8 / 81.9 - 83.4 / 78.7 - 80.3 / 84.9 - 85.9 / 80.5 - 81.5 / 74.5 - 76.5
Package    :    Tin (25 kg), 300 kg metal drums
Usage        :    Confectionary, Delight, Halwa, Gelly Goods, Chewing Gum, Candy, Ice Cream, Jam, Cosmetic, Marmelade, Powdery Products, Bakery Products, Compote, Marshmallow, Ketchup Fermentated Products (beer, yeast),     Tahin Halvah, Canned Fruit, Pishmaniye

Application Areas
Baked Goods
: Glucose syrups are a source of carbohydrates in baked goods that include yeast. They also have important effects in determining colors.

Chewing Gum: Glucose must be used in the shaping of chewing gum pellets and for a long shelf life.

Jellies and Marmalades: Glucose syrups are needed in these products to prevent the formation of crystals and to improve taste and appearance.

Halvah: Glucose syrups provide important advantages in the shape, taste and appearance of halvah.

Marshmallow: In producing marshmallows glucose syrups give the product a good mixing and a durable foam structure. They provide improve appearance, taste and shelf life.

Candies: These sweeteners control crystallization, lower extreme sweetness and play an effective role in shape and appearance.

Ice Cream: The sweeteners are used to raise the melting point, provide sweetness and shape and to prevent possible crystallization.

We can provide all necassary certificates such as; Fumigation certificate, Phytosanitry certificate, Halal certificate, Non GMO certificate, and certificate of origin.


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