We offer high quality Fructose Syrups that made in Turkey. Our fructose syrup has a high fructose content.

Fructose syrup is purified aqueous and concentrated solution of natural sugars obtained by enzymatic conversion and isomerization of starch.  Fructose syrup is a commonly used sweetener and preservative in food sector.

Fructose syrup is manufactured by adding enzymes to corn starch. The corn starch contains glucose, another type of sugar. The enzymes convert part of the glucose content into fructose.

DE        :    Min. 93.0 / 52.0 - 56.0 / 71.0 - 75.0 / 61.0 - 65.0 / 51.0 - 56.0 / 57.0 - 61.0 / 80.0 - 84.0
Briks (20 'C)    :    74.9 - 75.8 / 70.0 - 71.0 / 79.4 - 80.9 / 76.9 - 78.9 / 77.7 - 79.2 / 80.5 - 83.0 / 77.7 - 79.9 / 71.8 - 73.7
Package    :    Tin (25 kg), 300 kg metal drums
Usage        :    Confectionary, Soft Drinks, Concentrated Drinks, Nectares, Ice-Cream, Beverages, Concentrated Drinks, Jam, Halvah, Biscuit, Delight, Sauces, Baklava, Tulumba,  Kadayıf, Other Sweets, Marshmallow, Gelly Goods, Chewing Gum.

Fructose syrup is widely used as a sweetener in fruit-flavored drinks, sodas and processed foods. Liquid tabletop sweeteners and syrups are other products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. It is also used as an ingredient in many baked goods. For food manufacturers, fructose syrup is a preferred choice because it is cheaper than sugar refined from beets or sugarcane. Also, fructose is stable and has a longer shelf life.

Some of the areas of applications are Confectionary, non-alcoholic drinks and sweet liqueurs, fruit juices and nectars, ice creams, bakery products, sauces, and sweets.

Some of the Advantages:
•    Gives appropriate sweetness improving taste (mouthfeel).
•    Has a good solubility in hydroalcoholic blends.
•    Improves the stability and browning of bakery products.

We can provide all necassary certificates such as; Fumigation certificate, Phytosanitry certificate, Halal certificate, Non GMO certificate, and certificate of origin.


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