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We offer wide variety of cosmetic products that made in Turkey. Such as; Nail Polishes, Nail Polish Remover Sponges, Lipstick, Wax For Women, Eye Shadow, Blushers, Eye Liner, Mascaras, Depilatory Creams, Hair Bleaching Creams, Hair Creams, Hand & Body Lotion, Vaselines Etc.

We also offer elegant, stylish and varity of Perfumes, Eau De Toilette, Deodorants that made in Turkey. Both for woman and man.

Nail Polish Remover Sponges
Easy way of cleaning nail polishes and Suitable for carring anywhere with you. Depends on thickness and darkness of nail polish, you can use 30 to 75 times. Then you can add acetone on top the bottle, and keep it using more.
Different types of fragrances available such as; Red is stawberry, yellow is melon, blue is mixed, green is apple, orange is pineapple, pink is lylac fragrance.

Private label is also accepted for certain amount of order.

Packing: 16 pieces in box (stand), 6 boxes in a carton
Loading: 48 cartons in one pallet (100x120 cm)

With its intensive creamy consistency, moisturizes lips and provides long lasting colors.

Lip Care
Thanks to Shea Butter, moisturizes lips and helps to protect their elasticity. Vitamin E nourishes skin. Special formula containing SPF 15, protects lips and helps them not to be affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Lip Glitter
Enriched formula with irresistable fruit aroma and glitters, provides lips a Fascinating glimmer. Doesn't cause any stickiness.

Lip Gloss
Enriched formula with irresistable fruit aroma, gives lips a transparent shiny look. Doesn't cause any stickiness.
With its special formula provides lips intensive brilliant colors. Easily applied and doesn't cause any stickiness.

Liquid Lipstick
With its special formula provides lips intensive brilliant colors. Easily applied and doesn't cause any stickiness.

Eyeshadow Quartet
With its silky texture, compatible color combinations and permanence, provides an impressive eye make-up.

Terracotta Eyeshadow Quartet
When applied dry, gives a natural appearance; when applied wet, provides a long lasting and brilliant eye make-up.

18 Colors Eyeshadow
Enables to create alternative make-up by using various color combinations with 18 different colors.

27 Colors Eyeshadow
Multicolor eyeshadow with 17 different colors. Available for all types of eye make-up with different color combinations.

Compact Powder
Provides long lasting perfect camouflage. Gives skin a natural and lively appearance.

Cream Compact
Easily applied with its creamy structure. With its intensive concealing effect, helps to achieve a smooth skin.

Transparent Powder
With its light and transparent texture, provides skin a day long camouflage and a natural, silky appearance.

Transparent Cream Compact
With its soft structure, helps to conceal skin flaws and wrinkles and provides a smooth appearance.

Powder & Blusher
With its intensive color combinations, gives skin both a perfect camouflage and a bronze glittering sheen.

Provides a_ natural and matte look with long lasting camouflage. Moisturizes skin and gives a velvety appearance.

Stick Foundation
Easily spreads on skin with its light texture. Its formula combined from foundation, concealer and powder, provides perfect camouflage and a flawless appearance.

A user friendly product, ideal for concealing defects with its special formula.

With its soft texture and intensive color pigments, gives cheeks a long lasting natural and lively look.

Ball Blusher
With its luminous colorful balls, provides cheeks with an attractive and long lasting brilliance.

We have 36 colors of Lipstick range. We also provide testers for customers, so they can choose from testers. Lipsticks are in boxes of 12.
Packing: 12 pieces in box, 30 boxes in a carton.

Nail Polish & Lacquer  
We offer many colors of Nail Polishes. They are in boxes of 12. And there are 360 pieces in one carton. 360 pieces in carton is one color. We provide plastic color catalogue for your customers to see the colors.
Packing: 12 pieces in box, 30 boxes in a carton.

Compact Powder
Face is the most important part of body for ladies. Natural, white and delicate, women have their own opinions. Our powder cakes wipe dryly or wetly, luster appears instantly.

Utilizing the unique skin level smoothing technology prescription and penetrates the pore interspace to make the skin appearing exquisite and smooth. Many colors are available to be purchased.

Packing: 12 pieces in box, 24 boxes in a carton

Nail Polish Remover
Different sizes are available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml plastic bottles.

Please feel free to contact for more information.


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