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We produce high quality Diapers both for babies and adults. All sizes of baby and adult diapers are available which made in Turkey.

Our diapers have extreme absorbency in daytime/nighttime, softer textile non-woven cover material, tall standing inner leg cuffs, stretch waist front and back, and full-mat construction incorporating a specialty transfer material for incredibly fast dispersion of urine into the core.

Our adult diapers also has wetness indicator to show when its full.
We also offer Bed Sheet (UNDER PAD) for patients.

We have started exporting baby and adult diapers and wet wipes in 2009 and since then our products have reached customers in 14 countries including Egypt, Algeria, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Iraq, Bangladesh and Ukraine. Operating out of two facilities in Istanbul and Izmir, we strongly emphasize high standards of hygiene and manufacturing quality above and beyond those of our industry. We regard our customers as the most valuable members of the our family and therefore enforce these high standards constantly and diligently.

We support our customers around the world with our dedicated sales team members and R&D efforts to achieve long term relationships in selective markets. With our two facilites conveniently located near major shipping ports and covering a combined 6500m2 factory floor, we can expedite orders of all sizes so that our customers can serve their respective markets rapidly and efficiently.

Please feel free to contact for more information and detailed specifacitons.


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