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We offer first class deodorant & body (perfume) spray both for Man and Woman that made in Turkey. We also offer elegant, stylish and varity of Perfumes, Eau De Toilette, that made in Turkey.

Stay fresh and rocking with our youthful, zesty fragranced deodorant.   

Our fresh-feeling deodorant contains the beautiful High Quality Essence.

If you want to say goodbye to bad body odor and remain fresh throughout the day, Tag For Men and Aphrodite For Women Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray are a custom-made keeps you refreshed all the time. The perfume rejuvenates and invigorates you and makes your day better. This perfumes has been designed keeping in mind the needs of those men and women who sweat profusely and are sick and tired of bad body odour. This perfume is quite effective in extreme summers too.

Perfumes, Eau De Toilette, Deodorants
We have variety of perfumes for all ages. With their fragnances, they protect you from unwanted body smell through all day.

Angie range; is a special perfume line for children, teens and people at their 30’s who feel young at heart...
Why? Because Angie with its delicious fruit scents, pure baby smell and flower scents knows to attract everyone.

Angie Hot range; was inspired by the elegant and stylish, modern-day Sweet Lolita –  engages in parties, dancing and beauty treatments. Cute, beautiful with expressive eyes, sometimes cool, always breathtaking but everybody’s beloved.

Eau de Cologne Parfumée range; has 4 different delicious colors with 4 different perfumes,
2 for women: Burber and Mira;
2 for men: Cool and Roch.
It's ideal with its 100 ml mini pack to carry it with you all day long. It will be one of the your best daily accessories once you start using it.

Please feel free to contact for more information and detailed specifacitons.


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