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We offer high quality and long time use Contact Lenses for cosmetic, astigmatism, and  for some other purposes. Our contact lensed are manufactured by lathe-cut system in Turkey.  They are in 32 different colors, and has 38% water resist, 14.00 Dia 8.60 B. C.

Our contact lenses types are;
•    Cosmetic lenses for changing the colour of the iris,
•    Cosmetic lenses with funny images on them like hearts, moon, feet,
•    etc. which are called "fun lenses",
•    Cosmetic lenses which changes the eye colour to the colours of the sports team you like,
•    Extended wear soft lenses,
•    Toric soft lenses,
•    Gas Permeable lenses,
•    Hard lenses PMMA.

Elite Line Lenses
Elite trimestrial lenses has an extraordinary adaptability, and an appreciable comfort to anyone that uses them with its high quality of materials, and innovating production processes. The Elite lenses colors are immediately available in sterile little glass bowls .
Colors: DarkBlue, Grey, Lilac, E.Green, Ocean, Giallo, D.Green, SkyBlue, and Hazel  

Soft Contact Lenses
Soft lenses creates perfect comfort on the patients. The back surface is cast moulded and front surface is lathe cut. It is applied to all patients with a normal value schirmer test. It is an ideal lens for daily and extended wear use.

Daily Soft Contact Lenses
Daily wear contactlens is unique in its category with its desing. Its cast moulded back surface gives the lens superior fitting quality with 3 diffrent base curve. This lens is recommended for the patients with astigmatism up to 1.00D.


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